The Escooh University Program

The “Escooh / University” Program is promoted through agreements with some of the Italian and foreign universities; its goal is to support and strengthen research and development applied among students, graduates and employers, improving the quality and the welfare of society. The aim is to promote, coordinate and conduct interdisciplinary research on social dynamics, with an emphasis on medium and long-term processes and on comparative analysis.
The main areas of interest of the projects between Escooh and University are:

  • Applied research on natural materials applied to furniture;
  • Search for the creation of new sustainable materials and socially accessible to the lower class;
  • Applied research on design projects and new functions of dwelling objects;
  • Development and social cohesion, in particular, inequality, social norms and economic development, polarization, integration of migrants and second generations.

The researchers involved in the Centre are: economists, social psychologists, philosophers, statisticians, architects, designers, engineers, biologists.
To achieve the goal of increasing employment opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, the program develops the following policy areas:

  • The qualification of university placement services through quality tests
  • Activation of new personalized services aimed at specific target audience;
  • The promotion of devices of active policy;
  • Training and orientation;
  • Apprenticeship of Higher Education & Research.

To learn about the various initiatives promoted by Escooh in collaboration with the ‘Italian or foreign universities, for students / graduates / PhDs, please contact the  Escooh  Internship Office and Job Placement.