Escooh is an innovative startup that through the study, research and application of natural materials such as wood, proposes some single material solutions for interior design and for the manufacture of designer kitchens called “bare wood” for the special attention paid to the finishing in natural wood.

The neutrality of the design proposed by Escooh, emphasizes the search for the harmony which involves shapes, spaces and places which get undressed from the superfluous and excess, in order to give space to the quality of materials, offering of wooden solutions with finishing of the highest quality using only natural materials, in the fields of: wood, marble and stones, metals, glass and textiles.
Antonio Rizzuto, CEO & Founder, wanted the creation of a design brand, by gathering together some Sicilian artisans together with architects and designers. Today they offer both furniture solutions according to Escooh Vision, and suggestions  for the most innovative projects.

The  experience matured over the years from small business men and professionals  who are nowadays integrated under the direction of Escooh also suggests: solid wood kitchens and other products of the collection, such as tables, desks, bookcases.

Escooh proposes solutions for the space as a whole, its goal is to design and assist the customer punctually, with solutions which come from over 20 years’ experience  in supplying kitchens and more ‘in general from supplying furniture and design objects for the house.

The main products / services that Escooh offers for the foreign market are:

The ‘Contract furniture” and kitchens “Bare Wood”.

The Escooh design area, in collaboration with the dealer / representative, intends to open tothe foreign market providing both projects with refined solutions for the kitchen, and  complex and exclusive systems for high-level houses. The Escooh staff consists of specialists with more than 10 years’ experience whose job is to deal with all the issues relating to: logistics, installation, project management, construction, architecture and manufacturing. Today Escooh contract candidates itself for the construction of shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, public buildings, large villas.