Technical maintenance

For the proper maintenance of a kitchen it is essential to know exactly all the elements  which compose it. Another essential thing is purchase the right cleaning products. This allows you to avoid problems during cleaning and maintenance. It is very important if you want the furniture to remain intact over time.

Escooh, to prevent the biological degradation of wood, suggests a kit for cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning of tables, chairs and doors: In case of greasy marks, fingerprints, signs, use water and mild soap. The soap removes grease and cleans gently, but before mopping- up remember to squeeze the mop well, excess water will damage the furniture. With liquids such as wine, drinks etc. who leave signs, use a dry cloth with baking soda. After this operation, the surface of the cabinet may become opaque, but with a little bit of beeswax and a  clean cloth it will shine again.

Cleaning of marble sink: marble is a natural limestone rock, so it is  vulnerable to acid substances, such as vinegar, lemon, orange, kiwi, vegetables, zucchini, aubergines.  If these substances fall on the surface, wipe it off immediately, don’t leave it dirty for hours. When you pour pasta in the sink, turn on the tap of cold water, to cushion the thermal shock. Avoid to place hot saucepans in the sink: use a trivet. After using the sink, dry everything with a cloth, because the remaining water if rich in limestone might make the marble opaque. Periodically fill the sink with baking soda and leave it like this for at least one hour, baking soda removes stains, prevents the formation of mold, eliminates persistent odors and restores the natural color of the marble.

Cleaning of top: you do not need any special maintenance, simply use hot water and detergent, avoiding those containing hydrofluoric acid. Every six months  clean it with a cloth with a little bit of linseed oil.

For the maintenance of wooden parts: A slightly moistened woolen cloth.

Some suggestions: to preserve the furniture over time do not use detergents which contain alcohol, chlorine or ammonia and in general all those aggressive products, not even to clean the glass because if they leak on wooden parts  they can damage the furniture. For cleaning glass use a mixture in equal parts of vinegar and water.