Technological aircraft
Escooh is not a new model of kitchen, bathroom or closet. It is a project, a proposal, a new way to offer packaged systems which are  tailor-made and natural for the most demanding customers.

Starting from the base of the current conceptions, with Escooh you can compose new solutions with pure materials (wood, metal, marble, stone, glass), optimized and evaluated from time to time by the technical department of the company, with the aim of achieving a unique high-tech craftsmanship, dedicated tosatisfy the desires of  sophisticated clients who want something different from everyone else, wants something as unique as possible.

Escooh is a craft product that uses all the best technology available in order to achieve the highest levels of sophistication and complexity that a kitchen can aspire to.

It is an excellent “tailor made” high  realized with the utmost care at every stage, from design to implementation. Among  them, the pre-assembly phase of Escooh products in the company, thanks to the precise verification of each particular implementation, operation, trim, finish and strength, is the main guarantee of quality with which the product will be delivered and installed in loco.

Everything comes with the Escooh warranty which certifies the quality of the product, certified under ISO 9001, with the assistance and care of the design of Escooh international network, to reach the customer, wherever he is, and be next to him as  much as possible with the best of the tailoring services in the furniture world.

The Escooh kitchens are proposed with wooden crates and fine wood doors and floors with a new range of finish, made of stone, metals, special woods open to any kind choice.

Like a precious object, it will make people desire it, its manufacture will require the appropriate time and manner, necessary to make such an exclusive product.

Escooh has the responsibility of positioning the company at the top of the industry and it is the index of the will to continue  finding  rational and sustainable solutions.