Procedure of waranty coverage

During the warranty period Escooh srl, will replace or repair for free all the defective pieces considering the  transport ex -factory.


Duration and warranty coverage

The waranty lasts for 10 years, with the exception of glass components for which is applied a different warranty, and  covers any manufacturing defect, starting from the date of issue of the receipt or from the issue of the delivery note. It covers all the component parts of the kitchen except: lamps, appliances, sinks, faucets, sanitary for which is valid the warranty of the respective manufacturer. The use of a worktop which is not produced by the brand will void the warranty extension.


What is not covered under warranty

The warranty doesn’t cover all the components which are ruined because of poor or improper maintenance (follow the instructions of the book “Kitchen cleaning and maintenance”), it doesn’t cover the parts used in the wrong way, and anything which isn’t Escooh’s fault. The natural variations of wood and paints such as changes in hue, gloss and small dimensional changes due to wood-moisture-environment balance setting cannot be considered defects. The warranty doesn’t cover any damages caused by the dispersion of the kitchen salt on the metallic elements. The salt corrodes even the stainless steel.

The warranty doesn’t cover any defects caused by appliances not sold by Escooh srl


Procedures of warranty claims

The warranty claim must be submitted only to the dealer who will check the object of claim. If the dealer doesn’t exist, you should contact Escooh srl and request the names of authorized dealers closest to your home. It is necessary to keep the warranty certificate and the originality certificate. The kitchen must be equipped with the Escooh identification plate Escooh and with the hot branding.