Which are the risks when we buy objects?


In every house there is a high percentage of threats to health. By pollutants to domestic incidents we record numerous threats in all environments with particular quantity and quality in the kitchen.

Think for a moment about what happens in the kitchen: we have a mix of water, fire, air and earth (here in the sense of the materials used), which are the elements mentioned by the doctor-philosopher Empedocles.

The kitchen, then, has a key role in creating unrecoverable damage sometimes.

Staying and remaining in contact with non-polluting natural products help to save the right to health. If we extend the concept to the external environment, we realize how useful and essential is to train and form ourselves and everyone else about an environmentalist culture addressed to the proper use of products, foods, tools, materials. Learn to use well: this is the message that can and must be given. Therefore, when designing and realizing a product the essential elements are: care of its design, function, structure, material. Errors in design, for example a sharp edge, may create major accidents at home.

In this section we will talk about this important issue: health and safety in the interior living spaces.

Photo credits: Alena Ozerova