Escooh S.r.l. – innovative start up, stipulate a contract for the supply of furniture for the new international airport in Qatar


The manufacturing and design company Escooh Ltd. – an innovative start up , based in Favara (Agrigento), has stipulated an agreement with the QACC-Qatar Civil Aviation Authority- for the supply of furniture dedicated to the new international airport of Doha, Qatar’s capital, designed by the architect Farid Boumahdaf. The works are directed by an English company, the MACE.

Starting from tomorrow, Sunday 31st of July 2016, until the 2nd of August, a delegation of the company NDIA, which represented the Qataris government , will be in Sicily  to visit the Escooh production centre and to inspect and  confirm the development of the works, with the qatari architect Hamid Bernaoui, the head of the design centre of the French company ADPì, that designed more than 28 airport all over the world.

During this period, the guests will visit a corner of the Sicilian Western, with a particular attention to Palermo, where they could meet the all the influences that their culture had given to the Island in different ways: architecture, style and gourmet, in a mix of contaminations.

Escooh Ltd. is the first innovative start up born in Agrigento in 2013. The innovation principle is possible through the involvement in the area of other companies creating a network and through the focused research regarding natural materials thanks to the partnership with the University of Palermo. These are the foundations of the company. In three years of activity, Escooh has developed considerable agreements and started the internalization  process of the brand under the guide of the CEO, Antonio Rizzuto, Business Economics  ph. researcher and teacher at the University of Urbino.

In other, for as a regard the Sicilian Tour of the Qatari delegation, Escooh will plan an exhibition of design  in the prestigious location of Palazzo Sambuca dei Principi di Camporeale, an ancient aristocractic residence in the heart of Palermo, in collaboration with the Engineer Marco Giambona, developer ,designer and director of this works , who has realized excellent works like the renovation of the Butera Palace.