Wood and other materials: the natural architecture of Escooh


The thought developed by Escooh materializes especially in the choice and treatment of materials: wood, marble, stone, glass and metals. None of these elements is subjected to denaturalization processes, because the furniture designed by Escooh reflects the principles of simplicity, care and passion for natural forms, the main value of the brand’s philosophy.

For example, we take the wood, natural material par excellence for its hardness, strength, durability. The Escooh finishing is biological (70 cubic meters per square meter), almost non-existent, invisible, colorless. The wood remains alive, tactile, odorless, anti-fingerprint, fire retardant, anti-bacterial, washable.  Its natural color, therefore, is enhanced and takes strength.

In addition, the natural wood is environmentally friendly, 100% compatible with the environment. Escooh strongly defends the principle of reforestation of wooden areas.

In Escooh, therefore, nothing is left to chance: every element is designed and manufactured in line with a vision that goes beyond the simple fashions of the moment, thanks to the use of monochrome and single material elements. Value to an absolute study into harmony and balance without time, a way of behaving, of living, of being, to respect human health.

For this reason, the design of Escooh is minimal; the furniture, which is the focal point of the activity, is the set of forms and spaces that can enhance the intellect and the feelings thanks to the impulse of the substance and the character of nature.

In this section of the blog we will review all materials used by Escooh for the manufacture of kitchens, treating the naturalness of raw materials, their characteristics and their main use scientifically.