Escooh kitchens – Natural born wood

The total commitment for the construction of high-end sustainable kitchens, the vision of a young entrepreneur, the research on natural materials and the wisdom of woodworkers and stone .

Escooh the nature in your house

Escooh Kitchens is a project of purity, simple shapes , in favor of a new concept of space. The neutrality of the design and the material leaves expression being individual, unique and true protagonist. An unclothed language from disorder, superfluous and excess . We value authenticity and simplicity. Natural material to return to its original state of things. monochrome and single material elements, to build kitchens beyond fashion. The color of the kitchen and aesthetic object is given by the essence of natural wood. Sought to design the unprecedented sensitivity and uniqueness, absolute quest for harmony and a timeless balance . Escooh kitchens is a way of behaving, of living and being .

Natural materials

Escooh produces kitchens using only natural materials, including the glues and the finishes, in five fields : wood, marble and stone, metal, glass, textiles .


The Escooh kitchens offer practical experience. The design is associated with a thorough search of kitchen interiors.


Every detail is treated, it is the result of research, development, testing and use of patented systems.


The accessories that complete kitchen are top of the range: pure and natural matter, antibacterial and stain resistant.


Escooh is a fusion of materials, accessories, technical features and solutions that allow full freedom of design. There are no constraints, no collections. Every kitchen is unique.


The escooh mission is to create furniture that meet people’s health.

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