Passion for wood and for innovation. Escooh stands out in the furniture framework  thanks to its business philosophy aimed to the protection of trees, to the maintenance of  the traditions related to the art of cabinet-making  and to the use of harmful substances  in all production processes. Quality and excellence are at the heart of the production, which is characterized by a linear design which is able to express the beauty and the preciousness of wood and natural materials.


Natural material, strictness, purity, functionality, health. We were born to produce recyclable items, to satisfy the consumer’s  demands on the theme of healthiness indoors, zero formaldehyde and sustainability of materials. All materials are renewable and reusable. We respect the environment throughout the production cycle.


Working the solid wood is not that easy. Making marbles and stones products usable  in the kitchen and enjoying their naturalness, is quite complex. Our innovation consists of preserving and passing on  the manufacturing traditions of those who have preceded us in the respect of the material , with the goal of letting it natural, so that it does not produce harmful substances.