Why Escooh?


Escooh is an innovative startup in the design and manufacture of furniture that conducts research activity on natural materials. The company was founded in 2013 by Antonio Rizzuto, a young researcher and businessman. It ‘easy to tell his vision: the Escooh design is minimal. The decor is a mix of forms and space as a place capable of enhancing the soul. The neutrality of the design and of the material leaves freedom of expression to the individual, unique and real protagonist. A language free from disorder, from superfluous and from excess. It gives value to emptiness and simplicity. Natural materials are used in order to return to the original state of things, monochrome elements and single materials to build objects beyond fashion. High sensitivity for designing something new and unknown. Absolute search for harmony and for a balance without time, a way of behaving, of living, of being, of respecting human health. Lean production, high connection between highly specialized and visionary firms interested in innovation, matter and simplicity. Fusion of ideas among young emerging talents and designers. Ambition, long-term vision, everything is oriented to the future. Antonio Rizzuto has a need, creating a brand design that tells the Sicilian earth from its best side. Escooh creates a network that brings together Sicilian companies who have international reputation that operate in the highest level of the market, with the aim of affirming the excellence of their enterprises and promote the primacy of the Italian life style and culture in the world. From 2013, Escooh tells about its universe through collections of kitchens, bathrooms and a wide range of systems including cabinets and pure furniture, purity seen as beauty. A tireless and multifaceted production that aims to cross seasons and continents aspiring to go higher and higher, trying to intercept all the needs of sophistication.